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人教版高中英语选修10《Unit 1 Nothing ventured》教案   Ⅰ.词组活用

  in common as usual die down lead to remind...of

  1.The fire ____________ and it became a little cold in the house.

  2.Can you tell us what ____________ you ____________ this conclusion?

  3.This ____________ me ____________ what we did together during our holidays.

  4.They have nothing ____________ with one another and can’t become good friends.

  5.The meeting was, ____________,badly attended.

  答案:1.died down 2.led,to 3.reminds,of common usual


  1. ____________,he had no choice but to borrow some from his friend.

  答案:With no money left

  2.The emperor turned round again and again in front of the mirror, ____________.

  答案:so that he could make others believe he saw the clothes

  3. ____________that we came to finish our work.

  答案:It was with the help of our teacher

  4. ____________,you will have no further difficulty.

  答案:Once you understand the rule

  5.He sat before his desk, ____________.

  答案:deep/lost in thought


  1.—How was your recent visit to Qingdao?

  —It was great.We visited some friends,and spent the days at the seaside.

  A.few last sunny     B.last few sunny

  C.last sunny few D.few sunny last


  2.The computer centre, ____________ last year,is very popular among the students in this school. B.opening

  C.having opened D.opened


  3.I was told that there were about 50 foreign students ____________ Chinese in the school,most ____________ were from Germany.;of whom;of them

  C.studying;of them D.studying;of whom


  4.After living in Paris for fifty years he returned to the small town ____________ he grew up as a child.

  A.which B.where

  C.that D.when


  5.I shall never forget those years ____________ I lived in the country with the farmers, ____________ has a great effect on my life.

  A.that;which B.when;which

  C.which;that D.when;who


  Ⅳ.短文填空 

  In July,1914,I secretly hid ____________ the ship,Endurance and began expedition to Antarctica with Sir Ernest Shackleton.

  On January 18th,1915 the Endurance became ____________ in pack ice as we ____________ Antarctica under the leadership of Shackleton,we were successfully ____________ on Elephant Island.Later,Shackleton ____________ five others to go to South Georgia and bring help.

  Left behind,at first we felt low and ____________.But it was not for long.

  In the following four months we were lucky our group worked hard to show an ____________ mental attitude and ____________ our ever-present fears in a positive and successful way.

  When rescue did come,we felt ____________ relief and joy ____________ many of us could not hide fears.

  答案:aboard;stuck;approached;settled;selected;discouraged;admirable;dealt with;so;that

  我综合 我发展




  1.What does the woman think the man should do?

  A.Wait patiently.

  B.Place another order.

  C.Go and find the furniture.

  2.What is the relationship between the two speakers?

  A.Professor and assistant.

  B.Teacher and student.

  C.Manager and secretary.

  3.How much does the man have to pay if he buys two pencils now?

  A.10 cents.

  B.15 cents.

  C.20 cents.

  4.What do we know about the woman?

  A.She is going abroad before Christmas.

  B.She hasn’t been invited to the Christmas party.

  C.She doesn’t want to spend Christmas with the man.

  5.Whom has the man called to come over?

  A.A salesman.

  B.An engineer.

  C.A repairman.



  M:I haven’t received the furniture I ordered yet.Maybe I should call to check on it.

  W:Don’t worry.It takes at least a week to arrive.


  W:Excuse me,I’m having trouble hearing at the back of the room.Did you say that your assistant would correct the final exams?

  M:No,I said that he would collect them.I’ll grade them myself.


  W:What can I do for you?

  M:How much are these pencils,please?

  W:2 for 15 cents now.Prices have been reduced on all our school supplies since the holiday.Pencils used to be 10 cents each.


  M:I hope you’ll spend Christmas with us.We’re going to have a big party on Christmas Eve.

  W:I’d love to,but Jack and I are going to Australia.We’ll send you postcards from there.


  W:Hello.Sunlight Housing Service.Can I help you?

  M:This is Mr.Jones.My heater isn’t working and the temperature is going to get down below freezing.Could you come over to fix it?

  W:This is our busiest time of the year,but I’ll speak to one of our men about it sometime today.

  1~5 ABBAC




  6.What do we know about the man?

  A.He has a stomachache.

  B.He wants something to eat.

  C.He can’t stand the cold weather.

  7.What is the time now?





  8.Why do many people have to move house?

  A.Their houses are above their standard.

  B.New flat buildings will be built for them.

  C.The area will be opened for business purposes.

  9.What do we know about Mrs.Hamilton?

  A.She is old and single.

  B.She is weak and helpless.

  C.She is agreeable and practical.

  10.What might the man think of Mrs.Hamilton?

  A.She is pitiful.

  B.She is peaceful.

  C.She is determined.


  11.Why does the woman want to leave off her old work?

  A.She doesn’t like full-time jobs.

  B.She needs more time for study.

  C.She is not satisfied with the party.

  12.When is help needed in the restaurant?

  A.Only on weekdays.

  B.Only at weekends.

  C.Late in the week.

  13.What is the result of the conversation?

  A.The woman got the job.

  B.The woman didn’t get the job.

  C.The man let the woman be a trainee.


  14.What are the two speakers doing?

  A.Attending a concert.

  B.Waiting to buy tickets.

  C.Trying to phone someone.

  15.When does this conversation take place?

  A.In the morning.

  B.In the afternoon.

  C.In the evening.

  16.What will the man most probably do?

  A.Place a telephone order.

  B.Give up what he’s doing.

  C.Continue standing in line.


  17.Where is the talk probably taking place?

  A.In a laboratory.

  B.In a lecture hall.

  C.In a computer room.

  18.What do we know about the listeners?

  A.They have no computer experience.

  B.They are not prepared for their course.

  C.They have attended some typing lessons.

  19.What is needed for this course?

  A.Computer experience.

  B.Writing ability.

  C.Typing skills.

  20.What will the listeners do next?

  A.Stop to take a coffee break.

  B.Start to practice typing a text.

  C.Begin to learn about a typewriter.



  M:I can’t believe it’s closed!I’ve got a class from 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock.What am I going to do?

  W:Well,there’re some food machines in the Student Union.You could always go there.

  M:No way!I tried that once last term and I got as sick as a dog.There’s got to be something better.

  W:Well,you can go down to Main Street.There’re a couple of places that I’m sure are open.

  M:There’re only 20 minutes left.I think I’ll pass out if I don’t get something.

  W:I think there’s a stand in front of Smith Hall.You can at least get something warm there.

  M:Well,I guess I don’t have any other choice.


  W:Now Mrs.Hardy,has the situation changed since last night?

  M:No.Mrs.Hamilton is still refusing to talk to us.We’d like her to come out peacefully.The police don’t want to charge her,but...

  W:Well,it’s her home.

  M:But nobody else refused to move.You see,we’re going to build over 300 flats in this area in place of the shabby houses.Families are expecting to move into them next year!It’s all being delayed because of one person!

  W:But Mrs.Hamilton was born in that house.

  M:Of course.But we have promised to give her a modern flat immediately,a very nice flat for an elderly person living alone.

  W:So,what happens next?

  M:I don’t know,but we can’t wait forever.The police will have to do something soon.


  M:So you’re interested in a job as a waitress.Um,have you worked as a waitress before?

  W:Yes,for three years at several different restaurants.Now I’m working at the Park Hotel dining room on Hill Street.

  M:They have a very nice dining room there.Why do you want to leave?

  W:Because I can’t work full-time now.I’m taking some courses at a university.

  M:I see.On what days are you free?

  W:All day Thursday and Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

  M:That suits us very well actually.We’re looking for someone who can help us when we get very busy.That’s Thursday afternoon,Friday afternoon and evening as well as all day Saturday.The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

  W:That’s fine with me.

  M:When can you start?

  W:Is the first of next month all right with you?

  M:That’s fine.The first of May.By the way,you’ll get $8.80 an hour,plus tips,of course.

  W:Good.Thanks very much.


  M:Excuse me.Have you been here long?

  W:Yes.About 45 minutes.I’ve moved forward a total of about 3 feet in that time.

  M:Does anyone know what’s causing the delay?

  W:If so,no one has let us know.Maybe there aren’t enough people selling tickets this afternoon.Or maybe their computer is down.I’m sure the concert hasn’t been called off.

  M:I just hope they don’t run out of tickets before I get up there.I guess I should have come before lunch.

  W:In fact,before I came I tried calling to charge my tickets over the phone,just to avoid this long wait.But they’re not taking phone orders,so you have to come in person.

  M:Well,it’ll be two hours before the ticket office closes.Tickets for a good concert are worth waiting for,so I think I’ll just make myself comfortable.


  W:Hello.Welcome to our class for beginning computer users.Typing skills are required for this course.In a moment you’ll begin typing the text I’ve placed on the stand next to each keyboard.First,however,I’d like you to look at the screen in front of you.There are no words on it yet,but it does contain two important objects,the end mark and the action point.You’ll be learning more about these later.Right now,please place your fingers on the keyboard and prepare to use it as if it were a typewriter.For example,to type capital letters,hold down the shift key.Don’t stop typing at the end of a line.When you type a word that is too long to fit at the end of the current line.If you make a mistake while typing the text,you can correct it by using the backspace key.Now please prepare to begin typing.

  答案:6~10 BABAC 11~15 BCABB 16~20 CCACB


  1.The new plant can’t ____________ the cold weather,so the researchers are trying to deal with it.

  A.suffer for B.suffer

  C.long for D.suffer from

  答案:B suffer用于否定句中时,意为“忍受、忍耐”;suffer for意为“因为……而痛苦”;suffer from意为“遭受,遭到损害,患病”。

  2.He may not like my visit,but I shall go to see him ____________.

  A.anyhow B.anybody

  C.however D.though

  答案:A 句意为“他也许不喜欢我的来访,但是不管怎样我定是会去看他”。anyhow意为“不管怎样”,符合题意。

  3.They decide to ____________ their holiday until next month.

  A.decay B.delay

  C.debate D.deliver

  答案:B decay腐朽;衰落;debate争论;辩论;deliver递送;运送。由题意“他们决定把假期延迟到下个月”可知B项正确。

  4.New York ____________ second in the production of apples,producing 850 000 000 pounds this year.

  A.ranked B.occupied

  C.arranged D.classified

  答案:A rank意为“居……地位,取得名次”,习惯用法rank first/second...,表示“排名第一、第二”;occupy“占据”及物动词,后接宾语,不能直接跟形容词或序数词。

  5.The management of computer network is really beyond my ____________,but I can get useful information from it.

  A.catch B.grasp

  C.snatch D.grab

  答案:B 此处grasp侧重于“理解,掌握”。

  6.Monica was ____________ with me for further particulars.

  A.curious B.eager

  C.urgent D.hasty

  答案:C urgent意为“强求的;催促的”;be urgent with sb. for sth.意为“硬要某人做某事”;eager常和介词for搭配,即be eager for sb. to do sth.,表示“渴望某人做某事”。

  7.When we got to the airport,John had been ____________ the plane.

  A.abroad B.above

  C.aboard D.absorb

  答案:C abroad意为“国外;海外”;above意为“在……上面,超过”;absorb意为“吸收”,aboard意为“登船;登机”。由题意可知C项正确。

  8.Billy kept asking his mother if he could go to the movies and she ____________.

  A.gave way to B.gave up

  C.gave away D.gave way

  答案:D give way意为“让路,屈服”;give up意为“投降;放弃”;give away意为“赠送;泄露”。

  9.If he can ____________ a little longer,we can get help for him.

  A.hold up B.hold on

  C.keep up D.keep on

  答案:B hold up 阻碍;抢劫;hold on 坚持;keep up 振作起来;keep on 继续。

  10.The employee ____________ to impress the company with his cleverness and promptness.

  A.set about B.set out

  C.set off D.set up

  答案:B set about doing sth./set out to do sth.“开始做某事”;set off为不及物动词短语“出发,动身”;set up“建造;搭起”。

  11.The old man, ____________ abroad for twenty years,is on the way back to his motherland. work B.working have worked D.having worked

  答案:D 两个动作有时间上的先后关系,故用现在分词的完成时作定语;不定式表示即将发生。

  12.I couldn’t do my homework with all the noise ____________.

  A.going on B.goes on

  C.went on go on


  13.The manager, ____________ it clear to us that he didn’t agree with us,left the meeting room.

  A.who has made B.having made

  C.made D.making

  答案:B 两个动作有时间上的先后关系,故用现在分词的完成时作定语;A项时态与主句不一致。

  14.Do you still remember the chicken farm ____________ we visited three months ago?

  A.where B.when

  C.that D.what

  答案:C 关系代词that作visit的宾语。where,when只能作状语;what不能引导定语从句。

  15.Jim passed the driving test, ____________ surprised everyone in the office.

  A.which B.that




  Hank was 26 years old when he put on his first pair of long trousers and his first pair of shoes.For the first time he  1  himself as he had always wanted to be—a full five feet and eight inches tall.

  Hank was born with diseased  2 .Until he was seven,his world was a world of repeated  3 .At last he had no legs,but stumps that could be  4  with a kind of special boots.

  Out of hospital,Hank often found people staring at him with  5  interest.Children laughed at him and called him “Ape Man” because his arms  6  on the ground.He went to school like other boys.His  7  were good and he needed only eight years instead of the 8 twelve.

  After middle-school graduation,Hank  9  his way through college.He swept floors,waited  10  table,or worked in one of the college offices.During all this busy life,Hank had been moving around on his  11 .But one day the doctor told him even the stumps were not going to  12  much longer.Hank would  13  have to use a wheel chair.

  Hank felt himself go  14  all over.However the doctor said there was a  15 that he could be fitted with artificial legs.

  Finally a leg maker was found and the day came when Hank stood up before the  16  and saw himself for the first time,five feet and eight inches tall.

  But this was not the end yet.He had to learn to his new legs.Again and again he marched the  17  of the room,and did back again.There were times when he fell down on the floor,but  18  himself up and went back to  19  marching.

  When World War Ⅱ came,he took the  20  training.Few knew that he was legless.This was the true story of Hank,the man without legs.

  1.A.considered B.thought

  C.saw D.watched

  2.A.arms B.legs

  C.feet D.hands

  3.A.operations B.illness

  C.sadness D.treatment

  4.A.operated B.fitted

  C.marked D.armed

  5.A.cruel B.kind

  C.strange D.funny

  6.A.pushed B.dragged

  C.pulled D.hung

  7.A.subjects B.maths

  C.grades D.books

  8.A.normal B.real

  C.practical D.usual

  9.A.worked B.found

  C.tried D.did

  10.A.for B.with


  11.A.own B.stumps

  C.feet D.sticks

  12.A.last B.walk


  13.A.quickly B.finally

  C.later D.soon

  14.A.through B.cold

  C.bad D.mad

  15.A.way B.method

  C.chance D.treatment B.window D.mirror

  17.A.length B.way

  C.area D.size

  18.A.pushed B.rose

  C.pulled D.threw

  19.A.further B.endless


  20.A.recovery B.regular

  C.extraordinary D.useful

  答案:1.C 本句意思是“Hank平生第一次看到了一直想像中的自己的身高——五英尺八英寸”。


  3.A repeated 表示“再三 ,反复的”,后面一般接可数名词复数。

  4.B fit 表示“安装;装配”。

  5.A 人们对他感到好奇甚至嘲笑他,令他痛苦,故用cruel。

  6.B drag 表示“拖着地”。由于下肢严重截肢,行走时双臂经常着地。

  7.C grades 表示“成绩,分数”。

  8.D 学制通常由政府有关部门规定,适用于所有学生,故用usual。

  9.A 本句意思是“中学毕业后,Hank又努力完成了大学学业”。work one’s way through表示“走过,通过;前进,行进”。

  10.D at table表示“吃饭时;用餐中”。wait at table表示“做饭店的服务员”。


  12.A last 此处作动词,表示“持续,持久”。

  13.D 本句的时态是过去将来时,故用soon。

  14.B go cold all over 表示“全身冰冷,没有知觉”,此处表示Hank非常伤心,感觉全身冰冷。

  15.C chance表示“可能性”。


  17.A Hank 反复在房间内练习走路,从一侧到另一侧,好像步测房间的长度,故用length。

  18.C pull himself up表示“费力地站起来”。

  19.B endless 表示“无休止的,不停的”。

  20.B 本句意思是“二战爆发后,他参加了常规军事训练”。



  Ten students have stopped complaining about gas prices.Instead,they’re competing in a nationwide contest to redesign the cars.Final competitors were chosen from a field of 60 applicants.

  “The schools were selected to find technology that will help our country reach the needs for energy sources,so we don’t have to depend on other countries to provide fuel,” Pickering said.He is vice chairman of the US House of Reprentatives Energy and Commerce Committee.The teams received $10 000 and a Chevrolet Equinox which would be used as a starting place for modifications.Each team can also get $25 000 in parts and software from GM and other sponsors.The cars will be taken to the GM proving grounds for a national competition.It’s the finale of a three-year competition.

  In the first year,students designed and worked out their plans.“At the end of the first year,our plans for the hybrid were approved and we received our own Chevrolet Equinox to begin construction,” said Amanda McAlpin,leader of the outreach team.

  In the second year,the students’ goal is for their hybrid to exceed the factory Equinox’s fuel efficiency by 50 percent.“Our goal is to place in the top five but increase in the areas we lacked in,” McAlpin said.“If we can maintain this strategy,we should be able to obtain our goal.”

  In the final competition this year,GM technicians would examine the cars to approve the safety and make sure they meet all contest rules.“We would like to be in the top half of each event,but they are all different.Every team has their own strategy to win,” said a computer engineering major.

  “By hosting the competition,GM really gets the cream of the crop from the top engineering schools across the country,” McAlpin said.“Many of our recent graduates who have worked on the car have received jobs with GM.” And Pickering agreed,“Their brainpower will give us firepower and horsepower for the future.”

  1.How long does the contest last?

  A.One year. B.Two years.

  C.Three years. D.Four years.

  2.What does the underlined word “modifications” in the second paragraph mean? B.changes

  C.approval D.examination

  3.What’s the real purpose for GM to sponsor this contest?

  A.To reduce the consumption of fuels.

  B.To sell its Chevrolet Equinox.

  C.To make advertisements.

  D.To find excellent graduates and employ them.

  4.Which of the following can be the best title for this passage?

  A.Students Building Better Hybrid

  B.A Competition for Redesigning Cars

  C.An Energy-saving Competition

  D.GM and the Redesigned Cars

  答案:1.C 根据第二段最后一句可知。

  2.B 根据第一段第二句及第三至第五段可推断出答案。

  3.D 根据最后一段可知。

  4.A 综合全文可逐一排除其他三项。B、D两项未指出活动的主体。C项太笼统。


  When she looked ahead,Florence Chadwick saw nothing but a solid wall of fog.Her body was numb .She had been swimming for nearly sixteen hours.Already she was the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions.Now,at age 34,her goal was to become the first woman to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast.

  On that fourth morning of July in 1952,the sea was like an ice bath and the fog was so dense that she could hardly see her support boats.Sharks cruised toward her lone figure,only to be driven away by rifle shots.Against the frigid grip of the sea,she struggled on—hour after hour—while millions watched on national television.

  Alongside Florence in one of the boats,her mother and her trainer offered encouragement.They told her it wasn’t much farther.But all she could see was fog.They urged her not to quit.She never had...until then.With only a half mile to go,she asked to be pulled out.

  Still thawing her chilled body several hours later,she told a reporter,“Look,I’m not excusing myself,but if I could have seen land I might have made it.” It was not tiredness or even the cold water that defeated her.It was the fog.She was unable to see her goal.

  Two months later,she tried again.This time,despite the same dense fog,she swam with her faith intact and her goal clearly pictured in her mind.She knew that somewhere behind that fog was land and this time she made it!Florence Chadwick became the first woman to swim the Catalina Channel,eclipsing the men’s record by two hours!

  5.Why didn’t Florence swim across the Catalina Channel for the first time?

  A.Because she was too tired to go on swimming.

  B.Because the fog was so thick that she lost heart at the sea.

  C.Because she couldn’t see her goal:the land.

  D.Because the sea water too cold to bear.

  6.What does “She never had...” mean?

  A.She had never been so desperate.

  B.She had never thought of giving it up.

  C.She had never seen such thick fog.

  D.She had never swum across the strait before.

  7.Which of the following is NOT true?

  A.Florence Chadwick spent less time to swim across the Catalina Channel than any man.

  B.Florence Chadwick succeeded in swimming across the Catalina Channel in September,1952.

  C.People had to use guns to drive away some flesh-eating fish in the sea.

  D.No women but Florence Chadwick were able to swim across the English Channel in both directions.

  8.Which of the following is the best title?

  A.Keep Your Goals in Sight

  B.Swim Across the Catalina Channel

  C.The Fog Defeated Her

  D.Set a Goal for Yourself

  答案:5.C 由第四段“but if I could have seen land I might have made it.”可知答案。

  6.B 推理判断题。由前一句“They urged her not to quit”可推知答案。

  7.D 海峡名称有误。

  8.A 主旨大意题。纵观全文可知:只有制定了切实可行的目标,而且能预见到成功,人们才不会放弃。


  John Hunter had three advantages.He had a brother who was a doctor and he thus able to learn about diseases and their effects.His natural curiosity led him to observe and study the lives of wild animals in the countryside and he had strong and skillful hands,so essential to a surgeon.In fact he became in a short time so famous that he was asked to lecture,but John preferred the practical work of the surgeon.

  Soon after becoming a surgeon Hunter joined the army.He learnt a great deal from his experience of dealing with soldiers’ wounds.In particular,he studied how to prevent a wounded man from bleeding too much,learning thereby how the nerve system functioned in the bodies of animals and humans.But there were many things he did not know about and which could only be learnt by dissection.And this posed a problem.

  The Christian church whose authority was complete on many matters opposed on dissection.Cutting up dead animals to find out about their organs,and how these functioned was thought a disgusting thing to do,and to cut up a human body,even though dead,was thought to be evil.Surgeons had to pay grave diggers to steal bodies for dissection.Hunter once paid $7000 for the body of an eight-foot Irishman whose skeleton can still be seen in the Royal College of surgeon’s museum.To be a surgeon was thought so inferior an occupation that many operations were carried out by barbers.

  But Hunter continued with his experiments,at the time learning more about how our bodies worked,and he found new ways of operating on people so as to save both their limbs and their lives.If a man was brought to him with a bad tumor on his leg,Hunter did not,as most surgeons would have done,cut off his leg,but tried first to remove the tumor and treat the leg so that the leg might be saved.

  9._________ we think is the most important of John Hunter’s three advantages.

  A.His brother’s occupation

  B.A natural curiosity

  C.Lived in the country

  D.Strong and skillful hands

  10.From the passage we guess that a barber was _________.

  A.looked down upon at that time

  B.looked up to at that time

  C.regarded as equal to other occupations

  D.not permitted to carry out operations

  11.The word “dissection” from the context most nearly means ___________.

  A.cutting something up into different parts under study

  B.putting different parts of something together to cure the patient

  C.operating on somebody without medical instruments

  D.stealing dead bodies from graves to cut into pieces

  12.From the last paragraph we can conclude that __________.

  A.Hunter continued with his experiments

  B.Hunter was learning more about how out bodies worked

  C.Hunter found new ways of operations

  D.Hunter was very conscientious and responsible

  答案:9.D 从第一段中的“he had strong and skillful hands,so essential to a surgeon.”可知。

  10.A 第三段最后一句的意思是“人们认为外科医生的职业非常低贱,因此很多手术都是由理发师来完成的”。look down upon“轻视,看不起”。

  11.A 从第三段第二句中的“Cutting up dead animals to find out about their organs,and how these functioned”可推断出“dissection”的意思。

  12.D 从最后一句可知,Hunter是一位既敬业又负责的医生。







  Li Ming,whom I know has been working as a postman 1.__________

  for two years,always wears a suit of green uniforms. 2. __________

  He worked with care as well as with effort.He 3. __________

  serves for the people heart and soul.Every day he will 4. __________

  get up early to deliver newspapers or magazines. 5. __________

  He is so careful and he has never been wrong. 6. __________

  One day he had to send a dead letter and there happened 7. __________

  to be raining hard outside.But he set out immediately. 8. __________

  He had asked nearly everybody in the district when 9. __________

  he tried to hand the letter to the right person. 10. __________

  答案:1.whom→who I know在句中作插入语。该定语从句缺少主语。

  2.uniforms→uniform 因为a suit of 表示“一套”。

  3.worked→work 因为短文第一句开始用的是现在时态,叙述Li Ming的一般情况。

  4.去掉for serve是及物动词,后面直接跟名词或代词作宾语。

  5.or→and 报纸和杂志是并列关系。

  6.and→that 该句是结果状语从句。

  7.there→it 碰巧外面正下着大雨。it指天气。


  9.when→before before表示“……之后才……”。

  10.tried→managed try to do sth.表示“尽力做某事”;manage to do sth.表示“设法做成某事”。



  Foreign Teachers Wanted!

  The Education Department of the Ladder Information Company Limited is running an English course for children and adults.


  1.Native English speaker.

  2.University degrees in education or related field preferred.

  3.Foreign expert certification .

  If you are interested,please call us:



  Beijing Ladder Information Company Limited



  Dear John,

  I read an advertisement in today’s China Daily,which says Beijing Ladder Information Company Limited is running a school.So they need native speaker English teachers for children and adults.What they prefer is a university degree in education or related fields,which you have.And a foreign expert certification is also required.I think you are the proper person they want.

  If you are interested,please directly call or write to the company.The telephone number is:0086-10-68019433,and their E-mail address is:

  Good luck.

  Li Hua

  新高考 新题型



  At the age of forty-five,my usually well ordered life became filled with changes.After working for a major financial institution,a major bank merger resulted in the loss of over one hundred jobs,mine being one of them.

  My once secure life was nowhere to be found.My motto has always been “change is good,change is progress”,but when it affected my livelihood,I had to correct it to “accept change and make the most of it”.From the beginning,I tried to refuse to become sad or bitter:instead,I eagerly look forward to doing something new and different.

  Having a clear attitude made all the difference in the way I came to realize the future.First,I decided to return to college and get a college diploma,many years later than I should have.Doing all this at my age took more than a little courage.Not being a graduate had never influenced my career with the bank,but now it was a personal goal I longed to achieve.With a little anxiety and a lot of determination,I registered for evening classes,and became an adult student.

  Oral presentations were often required for one class.I remember thinking that if I had known this beforehand,I would have taken something else to achieve my required goal. By nature,I am an individual of few words,and speaking in front of people terrified me.As I stood in front of the other adults with whom I shared a common goal,my knees were visibly knocking,and my heartbeat can almost be heard.Somehow,I found my voice and lessened my presentation.The next time it was easier,and soon,I was starting to enjoy it a little.Later in the year,I even willingly interviewed a local reporter for an English assignment,much to the surprise of my teacher.My confidence level flew up.Suddenly I felt like I could do anything.

  Is there life after banking?You bet there is.

  The loss of my job was responsible for some practical changes in my life.As I think of the meaning of my motto,“change is good,change is progress”,I realize that I have accepted the change,and am making the most of it.

  And,I have only just begun.The best is yet to come.

  1.What did the writer think of when he lost his job?


  2.Why did he decide to return to college and get a college diploma?


  3.Please translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 into Chinese.


  4.What does the writer mean by saying “the loss of my job was responsible for some practical changes in my life.”?


  5.What’s the writer’s attitude toward life now?How do you know it?


  答案:1.He thought of correcting his motto from “change is good,change is progress” to “accept change and make the most of it”.

  2.Because it was a personal goal he longed to achieve and he could find a better job with a college diploma.


  4.He realized that he had accepted the change,and was making the most of it.

  5.He is optimistic now.The writer says at the end of passage:“I have only just begun.The best is yet to come.”



  “Poor but honest.” “The deserving poor.” These words always come to my mind  1  I think of “the poor”.But I also think of people who,perhaps through alcohol or drugs,have ruined not only their own lives but also the lives of others in order to give way to their own pleasure.Perhaps alcoholism and drug addiction really are “diseases” as many people say,but my own feeling- based,of course,not  2  any serious study—is that most alcoholics and drug addicts belong to the “undeserving poor”.And that is largely  3  I don’t give spare change to beggars.

  But surely among the street people there are also some who can rightly be called “deserving”.Deserving what?My spare change?Or simply the government’s assistance?It happens that I have been brought up to believe that it is  4  to make contributions to charity ,but if I give some change to a beggar,am I making a contribution to charity and thereby helping someone,or,am I perhaps simply  5  someone not to get help?Or,maybe even worse,am I supporting a cheat?

  If one believes in the value of private charity,one can either give to needy people or to charitable organizations.In giving to a beggar one may indeed be helping a person who badly needs help,but one cannot be certain that one is giving to a needy person.In giving to  6  organization,on the other hand,one can feel that one’s money is likely  7  wisely.True,facing a beggar one may feel that this particular unfortunate person needs help at this moment—a cup of coffee or a sandwich—and the need will not be met unless I put my hand in my pocket right now.But I have come to think that the beggars whom I meet can get along without my  8  change,and indeed perhaps they are actually better off for not having money to buy alcohol or drugs.

  I know  9  about these beggars,but it’s my impression that they simply prefer __10  to working.I am not generalizing about street people.I am talking about the people whom I actually meet.That’s why I do not give “spare change” and I don’t think I will in the future.

  答案:1.when 2.on 3.why 4.proper 5.encouraging  be used 8.spare 9.nothing 10.begging




  a.Part-time job available:Two waitresses are needed in a restaurant to work from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.For more information contact us by calling 0537-4459706.

  b.Computer trained assistants are needed:Do you have experience working with computers?Would you like a full-time position working in an Internet bar?If your answer is yes,give us a call at 0531-62366538.

  c.Needed:Full time assistants.Do you love books?Wenxin Bookshop is requiring two shop assistants aged from 18 to 26.Some work experience in a bookstore is preferred.Apply in person at No.17 Chunqiu Road.

  d.Are you looking for a part-time job?We require two part-time tutors teaching English and maths at the weekend.Work experience is required.Middle school teachers are preferred.

  e.Teachers needed:No.1 middle School is looking for 4 teachers.Applicants should have a master degree in one of the following:Political Science,Chinese or History.Please contact the school for more information.

  f.Shengyuan Company is requiring a secretary:We need a secretary with at least two years working experience who is good at typewriting.Responsibilities include clearing files up and answering the telephone.For more information contact us by calling 0537-6237984.


  Mr Zhang:Mr Zhang is a math teacher who is now working in No.18 Middle School.He has classes on weekdays.He wants to have a part-time job.

  Mr Li:Mr Li is a post-graduate from Shandong University.He would like an academic position.

  Mr Sun:Mr Sun graduated from Shandong University with a degree in Information Technology two years ago.He is good at working on computer and loves surfing the net.

  Ms Lin:Ms Lin used to work in a hotel,but now she is out of work and stays at home.She is looking for her second job.

  Miss Gao:Miss Gao is 23 years old,she loves reading.But she has no extra money to buy more books.Now she wants a full-time position with different kinds of books.

  申请者     申请职位

  1.Mr Zhang A.part-time waitress

  2.Mr Li trained assistants

  3.Mr Sun C.full time assistants

  4.Ms Lin D.part-time tutor

  5.Miss Gao E.middle school teachers


  答案:1.D 2.E 3.B 4.A 5.C





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