myfamily MyFamily英语作文50词

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  There are 3 people in my family---my father, my mother and me. My father is a diver. He has big eyes, a big nose and a big mouth. He is 35 years old. He is thin. My mother works at The DongFang supermarket. She has short eyes, a short nose and a short mouth. She is not tall, not short, just right. She likes to eat apples.I love her because she is nice. I am a student. I am studying at MaoQiao Primary School. We are very happy.


  there are 4 members in my warm family, my father, my mother my grendmother and i. My father is a worker, he works hard every day and makes the decision of the family. My mother is a teacher, she has many students which a lot of them have great achievement. My grendmother only stays at home every day , And I am a student reading in XX school, I worked hard on my study, and I have many friends.

  In my family, we love each other. We are living in a happy life.


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