painful Telling Lies Is Painful

时间:2020-10-18 03:57:59

  People always say that a good kid should be honest, while for me, I always lie to my parents and do not realize the result that I may bring. Last week, I learned a lesson of telling lies. It was Friday, early in the morning, I did not want to go to school, so I told my mother that I got a fever. I pretended to feel seriously. My mother looked very worried and she came out quickly, I thought she went to work, but after a while, she came back with some medicine. She told me that she asked for leave today and looked after me. I felt a little guilty but I dared not to confess. Then in afternoon, my teacher heard me sick and came to visit me. I felt so painful for telling lies, I wasted everybody’s time. At last, I confess and promised not to lie again.


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